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Ing. Gabriela Krpatová  Podmoklany 4              582 63  Ždírec nad D. Česká Republika

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All size (GS – giant schnauzer, SS – standard schnauzer, MS – miniature schnauzer) and coloured types of schnauzers are great family friends, watch dogs and show dogs. They are also successfully used for sports, service and rescue training. It is proved by a lot of owners who pass exams with their dogs according to various examinational regulations.

I would like to target mainly rescue training = rescue of human’s life

In rescue work one can specialize in work concerning searching people cluttered up with wreckage (building wreckage), areal searching (people lost e.g. in the forest), avalanche searching, water rescue and slotmarking (following smell track up to a lost person).

Determinant is first of all individual character of a dog, breed does not play such a big role. It is optimal to start with training at the very young age. It is possible to familiarize a dog with the surroundings of building wreckage, dark places, to start with tracking and to socialize him or her already from four months on. It is important to create a positive relationship of a dog to a searched person at the beginning. A figurant tries to draw dog’s attention in the form of game (for a tidbit or a toy) and to encourage him or her to mark the discovery (by barking).

Gradually are added more demanding shelters (hidden people over or under the ground, in dark spaces, in heights etc.). It is trained with dogs according to the national examinational regulations valid for the Czech republic and according to the international examinational regulations IPO-R. Exams may be also passed by dogs without pedigree, even cross breeds.

The top of our work is preparation of a doghandler and his dog for attestation fulfilment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and subsequent usage by real search.


Examinational regulations for rescue dogs you can find here zde



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